This is the best avenue to pass crucial and pertinent pieces of information across to fellow members of the family as well as to plan and strategize for the progress and development of the class/set as well as to promote and re-brand the waning image of our great Alma mater Lets be united, and speak with one voice as one family. Wishing us the best in our careers as well as in all ramifications of life.


Remo Secondary School Sagamu otherwise known as R.S.S was established on February 4, 1946, by the Anglican Methodist Missionary Society and the Remo community comprising 33 towns. Prior to this time most secondary schools were either boys or girls only. Remo Secondary School Sagamu is the first secondary school in Nigeria that started on its very first day as a co-educational institution for boys and girls. The motto of the school is  “For God and fatherland” being a missionary cum community school and this did not disallow the admission of the students across Nigeria. In the 1960’s and 1970’s, the maximum population was 800, Now the school population is above 3000 with about four vice-principals. In those days, the principal knew every student in the school. In 2005, the school’s building roof was blown off and a lot of damage was done to the school permanent structures. It is a great success pioneering co-education in Nigeria, after counting the school’s blessing. We realise the motto of the school “For God and fatherland”. 

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